COVID-19 Procedures

To keep our clients and employees safe, we will adhere to the following procedures for all cleanings for the foreseeable future:


  • Unvaccinated cleaners are required to wear masks at all times. If the client requires it, all team members will wear new, clean masks at each cleaning.
  • We will continue using disinfectants proven effective against coronavirus and other viruses and germs.
  • We will be giving extra attention to high touch areas of your office such as door handles, light switches, and cabinet knobs. 
  • All equipment will be disinfected between offices.
  • Each individual job has its own cleaning cloths. All cleaning cloths are washed with detergent and water, along with a disinfectant solution.
  • We will send home any employees exhibiting symptoms of the virus, including fever and signs of illness.
  • We will not clean an office if anyone is showing signs of illness or flu-like symptoms.